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Fall New Member PR Travel Sets

Fall New Member PR Travel Sets

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Infinite Love Eau de Parfum: A Sensual Ode to Passionate Romance

  • Infinite Love unfolds with a harmonious blend of rich rose, warm vanilla, and exotic sandalwood, creating a scent that whispers of eternal love. The combination of these timeless, romantic notes crafts an aroma that embodies the depth and fervor of an infinite bond.

Timeless Allure Eau de Parfum: A Captivating Elegance of Sensual Sophistication

  • Timeless Allure opens with an opulent blend of velvety rose, embraced by warm amber and the depth of cedarwood. These classic, rich notes create a symphony that encapsulates the essence of timeless, classic elegance.

Garden of Whispers Eau de Parfum: A Sensual Symphony of Sophistication

  • Garden of Whispers tantalizes the senses with a sensual interplay of floral whispers. The fragrance features a rich bouquet of jasmine, violet, and moss, crafting an enigmatic, sophisticated aroma that hints at an air of mystery and allure.

Oceans Serenade Eau de Parfum: A Symphony of Fresh Watery Notes

  • Oceans Serenade begins with a crisp, invigorating burst of aquatic notes reminiscent of a brisk ocean breeze. The blend features the clarity of sea salt, the refreshing citrus zing, and the subtle driftwood warmth, painting a vivid olfactory picture of the coast.

Blossoming Dreams Eau de Parfum: Where Freshness Meets Ethereal Dreams

  • Blossoming Dreams unfolds with a delicate and fresh bloom, where a gentle bouquet of blossoming flowers, including peony, pear blossom, and lily of the valley, meld together. These light, airy florals intermingle with the subtle crispness of green notes, creating a fragrant canvas that evokes an ethereal dream.

Mystic Embrace Eau de Parfum: An Enigmatic Symphony of Sweet Florals and Fresh Intrigue

  • Mystic Embrace opens with a tantalizing burst of sweet florals, where enchanting notes of jasmine, rose, and orchid create an ethereal bouquet. This opulent floral opening is complemented by a delicate hint of fresh green accents, which lend a crispness to the composition.

Majestic Eau de Parfum: A Fusion of Oriental Opulence and Fresh Intrigue

  • Majestic opens with a tantalizing burst of fresh citrus and vibrant green notes, setting the stage for a journey into the opulent heart. The heart of the fragrance reveals an oriental tapestry, blending rich spices, exotic florals, and warm woody accords.

Golden Elegance Eau de Parfum: Where Freshness Meets Opulent Grace

  • Golden Elegance is a harmonious blend that captures the essence of a soft, fresh bouquet. Crisp top notes of citrus and dewy greens intertwine with delicate white florals, creating an aura of sheer, airy elegance.

Imperial Eau de Parfum: A Regal Ode to Soft Floral Elegance

  • Imperial is an exquisite composition that marries the gentle notes of blooming florals with a regal finesse. Soft, powdery petals of jasmine, rose, and lily harmonize in perfect unison, creating an ethereal bouquet that whispers grace and sophistication.

Radiant Sunshine: A Luminous Ode to Citrus Freshness

  • Radiant Sunshine bursts open with a radiant medley of sun-kissed citruses, where zesty lemon, sparkling mandarin, and uplifting neroli dance together in perfect harmony. These invigorating top notes embody the sheer vibrancy of a sunlit morning.
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